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Halloween Confetti Poppers

Halloween Confetti Poppers

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A celebratory push pop style confetti popper containing an assortment of Halloween themed confetti.

Happy Halloween: a mix of orange, black, and striped confetti with orange pumpkin shapes mixed in.

Trick or Treat: yellow, orange, and white confetti layered to look like candy corn!

It’s Time For A CeleBOOtion: a mix of oranges, black, purples, and pink with ghost shapes and “Boo!” pieces mixed in.

Please note all styles come with an orange ribbon accent and a Halloween themed charm (all charms are assorted but include shapes like a ghost, a pumpkin, a bat, and a witch’s hat).

To use: Remove and discard plastic seal; remove top. Hold popper in one hand while using the palm of your other hand to push stick in an upward motion to release confetti. Popper can be reused by adding more confetti, pom poms, ribbon scraps, etc.

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