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Confetti Wands (Set of 3)

Confetti Wands (Set of 3)

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Take your celebrations to new heights with magical holographic confetti wands that shoot out colorful, rainbow tissue paper confetti!

  • Sold as a Set of 3
  • Each stick is 14″ long
  • Tissue colors may vary

To Use: Hold either end of a confetti wand in your hand and bring your arm back to point the wand in the 3:00 position behind your head. Quickly bring to the 12:00 position above your head, flicking straight into the air. Repeat flicking until all the confetti is out of the wand, always pointing straight up to release. It’s important that you flick the wand straight up into the air to make the confetti float down around you. (If you flick the wand forward or down instead of up, the confetti will just fall out of the wand rather than magically float down.)

PLEASE NOTE: Tissue is biodegradable and flame proof, but please still be respectful of your environment when using indoors or outdoors. Works best with high ceilings indoors. Some colors may bleed if wet so keep dry. NEVER point / flick at or toward a person when using.

(View a video on Youtube here!)

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